What are the causes of hair loss in men? Read more on the most common reasons for hair loss in male patients

Men experiencing thinning hair will typically wonder about the reasons for their hair loss. So why do men lose hair? The causes of hair loss in men vary widely, but alopecia – genetically inherited, male pattern baldness – is what causes male baldness most often.

Nevertheless, there are many other reasons for hair loss, ranging from illness (including thyroid disease and anemia), medications (such as chemotherapy), and lifestyle, including stress, exposure to chemicals or UV rays, smoking, or the consumption of alcohol.

However, all of these factors will affect different individuals in various ways. For example, not everyone who experiences stress or has a family history of male pattern baldness will be affected in the same way. Thus, in most cases, the best option for determining the causes of hair loss in men is to see a physician.

Why do guys lose their hair? Part 1: Scarring Alopecia and Young Male Hair Loss

Hair Loss & Innovations – Cutting Edge Research

New findings from research help explain why hair loss happens (ie. specific gene/hormone carried by individual).

Male and Female Pattern Baldness: Genetics, Stress & Hair Loss

Dr. Sharon Keene talks causes of Androgenic Alopecia.  After the Human Genome Project, it was discovered that just having a particular gene doesn’t mean you will have that disease or carry a particular trait. Genes have to be active and the study of Epigenetics looks into those factors, many being environmental.

Male Hair Loss & Pattern Baldness in Men

Male pattern hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia) is an inherited condition manifested when androgens are present in normal amounts. The gene can be inherited from the mother or father’s side.

Young Male Hair Loss

A good first step is consultation with a physician hair restoration specialist who is skilled and experienced.  Ethical considerations are especially important when the patient is vulnerable, distressed, and not yet an adult.

Other Hair Loss Causes

Alopecia areata (AA) is a recurrent disease, which can cause hairloss in any hair-bearing area. The most common type of alopecia areata presents as round or oval patches of hair loss most noticeably on the scalp or in the eyebrows.

Ethnic and Gender Considerations in Hair Transplantation

Gender and ethnic differences are manifested most prominently in the overall appearance of an individual—the “look” that an individual presents to others. At different levels, gender and ethnicity influence an individual’s life and appearance in multiple ways.

Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss: Gene Driven but Not Your Genetic Fate

Androgenetic alopecia-male- and female-pattern hair loss-is known to have a genetic basis. It is an inheritable condition, commonly described as “running in the family”.

Hair Under the Microscope

Examining hair fibers with sophisticated chemical analysis and powerful microscopes, they discovered more about the complex structure of hair and more about the properties that differentiate hair into “ethnic” categories.

Hair Follicle Origin

The path of hair follicle development begins in a group of stem cells that are nudged into different directions to become specialized cells of many different tissues and organs, including hair follicles.

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