Foods for healthy hair and a healthy hair diet: how much do lifestyle choices influence hair loss and hair restoration?

People experiencing hair loss often wonder if they can eat particular foods for healthier hair or optimize their lifestyle and nutrition to prevent premature hair loss. The answer will depend on an individual’s diet and hair loss causes. Sometimes, hair loss is caused by vitamin or deficiencies. Foods like nuts, seeds, eggs and fish are excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for hair follicle health.

If your hair loss is caused by genetics, a healthy hair diet will not cause the lost hair to grow back; however, good nutrition is essential for avoiding complications after hair restoration surgery.

While it is generally considered beneficial to eat nutritious foods for healthy hair, be sure to avoid doing fad diets and taking diet pills, since these may sometimes cause or exacerbate hair loss. And remember that other lifestyle factors, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and experiencing high stress, can also cause thinning hair.

Healthy Foods that bring nutrients for Healthy Hair

Most everyone is familiar with the saying “garbage in, garbage out” for better health but do they follow that rule? The healthy food and good nutrients are necessary as your hair and scalp are greatly affected by what you ingest (or lack).

Good Nutrition: Essential for Keeping Hair Healthy after Hair Transplantation

Well-balanced dietary intake is essential for cells in hair follicles that produce hair and cycle hair through its anagen-telogen-catagen phases. A diet that is severely deficient in essential nutrients, or deficient in essential nutrients over an extended period of time, can cause malfunction in cells, including the cells in hair follicles.

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