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Best Hair Transplant Technology for Hair Surgery:
We offer best and affordable Hair transplant in Ludhiana. We have clinic in Ludhiana, you can Consult our doctor to know what technique suits you and your budget. There are constant offers and discounts released from the clinics, so please get in touch with receptionist as and when you decide to get Hair Transplant done.

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Perfect solution

AMS uses an advance Hair Transplant technique that makes sure it enhances your aesthetics with a proper placement of hair grafts. Ask Me Style is known for its Best quality transplantation and results. Please visit our client gallery to see the results and DECIDE. Best transplant clinic in Ludhiana in terms of results and cost effectiveness. Get AMS Hair Transplant done today.

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After Transplantation

Those who have lost lot of hair would know how it felt running their fingers through their hair or when someone else did that. But now it is possible to regain that lost feeling and this is now possible with hair transplant. This is a faster and less expensive hair reclamation procedure where the effects produces natural hair which can be styled anyway you want. 

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We Provide Best Hair Transplantation And our Clients Are Satisfied With our Services


Male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss in men that can be  genetic.

In our clinic patients scalp is carefully examined to determine where the hair needs to be added and new hair is placed in a Strand-by-Strand process by a trained hair professional.  This process adds the extra volume volume and density you desire and all hair strands are placed in exact angle and direction of your own hair growth which makes it virtually undetectable.

 Up to 70% of men will be affected by pattern baldness at some point in their lives. Although male pattern hair loss is genetic, it is not always predictable even if it runs in a patient’s family, it is not always possible to know at what age hair loss will begin, or how an individual’s hair growth patterns will be affected. However, most people find that their hair loss increases as they get older.

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